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The magnificence of the Viote alpine botanical garden

Spread over 10 hectares, the Viote alpine botanical garden is one of the Trento Science Museum’s pride and joys

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Viote is one of the hubs of Monte Bondone life. There is the terrace of the stars, a fascinating astronomical observatory, and the rock-climbing area dedicated to Giorgio and Rita Gaffer. Paragliding enthusiasts also take off and land on these verdant pastures and some of the most exciting treks in the area start from here.

Even amongst all these activities, the Viote alpine botanical garden stands out. This is one of the oldest and most extensive botanical gardens in the Alps and one of the local sections of the famous MUSE, the Science Museum of Trento.

The Viote Alpine Botanical Garden covers 10 hectares within which there is a collection of around 2,000 species of high-altitude plants.

Its rocky beds, lakes, peat bogs, flowering meadows and woods are home to an extreme, fragile and unique environment, with mountain flora from all over the world on display. Many of the plants here are delicate and at risk of extinction, which makes this botanical garden incredibly beautiful and precious.

Visiting the garden means not only being enchanted by the beauty of these plants but also getting to know their secrets and characteristics, learning to relate to nature.