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A visit to Zambana, the village of white asparagus

An unmissable ingredient of Trentino cuisine, the white asparagus of Zambana is an exquisite speciality of our region

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Like other Trentino villages, Zambana also has a dual connection to the course of the river Adige. The small village actually started as a transit station along the river. In fact, until 1850, and before the railway became the main means of transport, the Adige was the hub of the province’s economy.

This charming town, created on reclaimed land and rebuilt after the devastating landslide of 1995, is described as a major agricultural centre. Pears, apples, grapes and above all the delicious white asparagus are grown here.

Renowned for its quality, it is a very common ingredient in Trentino cuisine and the village of Zambana dedicates festivals to it and numerous, delicious recipes.
Delicate and really tender, Zambana’s white asparagus characteristically has very soft fibre and an elegant white colour. In spring a visit to the producers is a must to bring home a tasty sample.