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Discovering Trentino’s best wines

The secret of Trentino wines is to be found in the many local wineries. We help you to discover our favourites

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Marzemino, Teroldego, Nosiola, Cabernet, Moscato and Pinot: these are just some of the wines produced in Trentino, loved by wine enthusiasts all over the world. Aromas created with care and passion thanks to the painstaking work of the mountain region’s many wineries, an area characterised by an exceptional microclimate.
The region’s wine experts and producers select the best grapes and manipulate them to create unforgettable wines. They thus create a wealth of knowledge which is made available for the tourists and enthusiasts who want to discover it.

You can indeed visit many of the wineries which produce our region’s wines. A unique opportunity to learn the secrets of Trentino wines and, perhaps, buy a few quality bottles to take home as a tasty souvenir.
Thanks to its position, our hotel is the ideal starting point for venturing into the wineries of the nearby Valle dei Laghi. Amongst these we would recommend the Pravis winery, in Lasino where, by seeking the essence of that unique combination of earth, rocks and wind which has created the valley, vines have been cultivated for over 40 years.

Or the Maxentia winery, in Santa Massenza, which also specialises in the production of grappas, liqueurs and spirits. You will also find Giovanni Poli’s company in Santa Massenza which is worth a mention. He also produces wines and grappas of amazing quality.

Last but not least, the Pisoni brothers’ winery in Pergolese di Lasino. Open since 1852, in addition to producing great whites and reds, it specialises in the production of wonderful Trento DOC sparkling wines and the famous Vino Santo Trentino. This is an amazing passito wine made with selected Nosiola grapes and aged in oak for a very long time. A product so characteristic it has been awarded the famous Slow Food designation.

Alternatively, go down a few kilometres onto the Rotaliana plain where the Bertagnolli Distillery is located, friends of the Barbieri family for decades. Their exceptional grappas, distilled using a discontinuous bain-marie method, range from the fragrant monovarietals to the incredible softness of the oak-aged reserves. A must for enthusiasts and lovers of quality spirits.