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The charm of San Michele all’Adige

Overlooking the banks of the river Adige, the village of San Michele houses the fascinating Museum of the customs and traditions of the Trentino People

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Alongside the banks of the Adige, like an ancient bulwark, stand the two residential areas of San Michele all’Adige and Grumo. Created to watch over the Via Claudia Augusta, the important communication artery which linked Italy to Central Europe, they are still a testament today to how ancient cultures met and conversed in Trentino.

An example of this is the baroque church and Augustinian monastery, which the town of San Michele all’Adige surrounds. The Museum of the traditions and customs of the Trentino people is also located here. This is an ethnographic museum which reconstructs this region’s traditions and also offers an opportunity of visiting the historic wine-producing cellar, immersed in the vineyards which lie along the banks of the river. It’s highly recommended for all those who want to find out about Trentino’s history and culture.

The Mach Foundation and the Agricultural Institute are also located here, the real cutting edge of oenological research and the architect of excellent wine production.