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The excitement of snowshoe walking on Monte Bondone

Passing through beautiful snow-covered landscapes, experience the thrill of a snowshoe excursion on Monte Bondone

Even in winter Bondone is a destination for enthusiastic trekkers, those who like to treat themselves to a snowshoe excursion on Monte Bondone.

There are numerous routes, and they often follow the same tracks as the most popular summer trekking and walking routes. Walking on the snow, enveloped by the silence of the woods under their white mantle, you can reach the Cima della Rosta or the Bocca di Vaiona, go up to Cima Cornetto or even explore the Viote plain.

Given the difficulty and the dangerous nature of the route, those who want to climb up to Cornetto should always check the condition of the trails with the cross-country ski instructors in Viote.

Those who appreciate the calm, tranquillity and rarefied atmosphere that only a snow-covered forest can give, cannot fail to appreciate a snowshoe excursion on Monte Bondone.