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Rovereto, the city of the oak

A mixture of culture, memories and echoes of Venice. Discover the charm of Rovereto, the City of Peace

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Rovereto is, in terms of size and inhabitants, Trentino’s second city. Its symbol is the oak and hidden amongst its streets and piazzas there are cultural gems waiting to be discovered.

Our advice is to explore it on foot, by walking along the centre’s streets, taking a fantastic journey through the many historical periods which are represented in the city’s buildings and piazzas.

In fact, in Rovereto, Castelbanco’s medieval walls coexist not only with the domination of the Venetian Serenissima Republic, which you can admire in the splendid Casa del Podestà, but also with the charm of the eighteenth century, in the palazzi overlooking Corso Bettini, and with the gloomy First World War environment found in the war museum’s rooms.

The first world war’s legacy remains, an everlasting memory, in the Military Memorial of Casteldante and in the great Campana dei Caduti (Bell of the Fallen). Cast from the bronze of cannons used by all the nations which took part in the conflict, its 100 chimes ring out a message of peace every night making Rovereto the City of Peace.

But the development of Rovereto didn’t stop at the beginning of the twentieth century. The halls of the MART, the splendid museum of contemporary art known for the quality of its exhibitions and for the beauty of its architecture, testifies to this.

Here, in addition to exhibitions and displays, several of the many cultural events which enliven the city’s billboards take place. Dance festivals, theatre, music, cinema and archaeology are just some of the unmissable events which this lively and fascinating city offers its visitors.