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Two ascents to the cima Palon

Overlooking the city of Trento, the cima Palon can be climbed by following various routes

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Cima Palon is an offshoot of Monte Bondone which directly overlooks the city of Trento. With its around 2,100 metres height, the east wall of the Palon dominates the city and trekking and uphill running enthusiasts can climb it in various ways.
One of these, challenging although not particularly scenic, starts from Ravina, on the valley floor. The first 1,100 metres of the ascent are incredibly vertical and offer very few opportunities to take a breath. Fortunately, this is only a part of the journey. The next stretch, from Vaneze to the top of cima Palon, presents fewer difficulties. You travel along the ski slopes and the view which opens out over the valley and the Brenta group repays the initial effort. The descent, along the wild Valle delle Gole, also has some extremely difficult stretches which require great attention. It is therefore best not to be too distracted by your admiration of the spectacular glimpses of the Adige valley and Monte Bondone’s Three Peaks which this route has to offer.
Those who prefer a less demanding climb can conquer cima Palon by starting from Viote and taking the Parolet trail. The slope is moderate and the landscape alternates between stretches of forest and clumps of mountain pines.
Once you reach the top, a 360° panoramic view opens up, embracing the landscape on all sides, giving you unforgettable views over the city of Trento and the surrounding mountains. The return can be along the same route as the ascent or can be on the north-west side, along the ski slopes or along the mountain pines trail which descends from the Cornetto di Mugon and takes you directly to the Montana.