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The ascent to Cima La Rosta, on the Great War trails

A simple and evocative excursion which leads to Cima La Rosta, passing through First World War remains

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The ascent to Cima La Rosta on Monte Bondone also has Viote. as its starting point, specifically, the car park by the alpine botanical garden. Once you reach it, you follow the fence until turning onto the path. This first drops slightly and then goes up a dirt road.

Shortly afterwards you come out on the provincial road which connects Viote to lago di Lagolo. After crossing the road, you enter the woods, going up the Val d’Eva. You don’t need to go far before you find the Castelletto Madruzziano, a small ruined castle whose origins are well described on the board at the site.

Leaving this behind you reach the Bocca di Vaiona, from where there is a beautiful view of the mountains of Western Trentino. From here you can, if you wish, make a detour to the Cavedine or Roncher huts. Along the way you will glimpse remains of the fortifications and trenches built during the First World War.

To reach the summit you need to return to the Bocca di Vaiona from the huts and go back up trail 618. Once at the top, the level pastures of Cima La Rosta and its wide panoramic views open up before your eyes.
The return is via the same route as the outward journey or, if you are a little more experienced, by the steep path of the Strengiator, which leads to the Prà de la Lori. From here you continue until you meet the provincial road…