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Cavedine, the lake and the valley

Capital of the valley of the same name, Cavedine is known for its beautiful lake which is always caressed by a gentle breeze

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Val del vent, or valley of the wind: this is how the Cavedine valley is referred to. It takes its name from the constant gentle breeze which blows across it all seasons.

Surrounded by the outlines of the Bondone, Monte Casale, the Monte Gazza-Paganella ridge and the Brenta, the village of Cavedine is the economic and cultural capital of the valley. In addition to rustic-noble residences and typical peasant houses, it has the lovely Piazza Italia, a fine example of a typical Trentino village piazza.

As well as the obvious signs of the town’s original urban planning, Cavedine also stands out as a prehistoric and Roman archaeological site of great importance.
Finally, in the wide glacial valley of the Sarca, there is lake Cavedine, loved by fishermen for the many varieties of fish you can catch there.