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The excitement of Canyoning on Monte Bondone

Expert guides accompany you along the twist and turns of a breathtaking gorge

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Canyoning is a sport which rewards you with some great thrills. Going down the course of a fast-moving stream with ropes, dives and natural slides is indeed an unforgettable experience; one which is testing for even the most experienced and most prepared.

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to go canyoning on Monte Bondone, the answer is yes. You just have to dive into the twists and turns of the region’s only ravine, climbing back up it along the picturesque “via ferrata” (or iron path) which crosses it. Here, amongst gushing water and spray, and huge stones moulded by the incessant action of the water, you will be transported back in time, to a landscape evocative of the prehistoric era.

You can treat yourself to this experience by using the services of an expert alpine guide who will ensure your safety throughout the journey. If you want to experience the thrill of canyoning on Monte Bondone ask for more information in the hotel.